Sunday, May 2, 2010

A little more progress on Freight Train. Every little bit gets me closer but still alot to go. My DD will be home from college next Saturday. This has prompted me to start cleaning out my DS's room so he will have a place to sleep. He is currently using his sister's room. I have been watching episodes of Hoarders so I am prepared to just throw away everything in order to get the room cleaned out. Made a big clean space yesterday. Today someone is coming to pick up his old toddler bed. My son is now 14 and outgrew the toddler bed along time ago. I might show a picture of the room afterwards but a before picture would be too embarassing.

Hope to get the room empty enough for an air mattress. We will then continue on with fixing up the room. So I might not get too much stitching done this week.

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