Sunday, March 14, 2010

I spent this last week stitching on Day. I am really enjoying this one and made alot of progress. I hate to put it down but it is time to move on to this week's piece. I have also include a picture of my orts after one month. The little hedgehog in the picture is a finger puppet my DH brought home for me.

My DD was home this past week for spring break. It kinda caught me by surprise. I had not been on line to receive any of her messages during the week (stitching instead of being on the computer). She is back to school now but will be home in early May for the summer. Keeping fingers crossed she finds a job for the summer.

I am going to order my first Chatelaine. I have decided on Knot Garden. I just need to wait for DH to fix the printer so I can get my order printed off and in the mail on Monday. I like to have the patterns and any speciality items in my stash for whenever I get around to stitching them. Besides the pattern I will also order the beads. I will pick up the speciality threads from my lns.


Debra said...

Oh my Day is stunning.
Also I am passing on a blog award to you, it will be at my blog soon. Be sure to stop by.

Terri said...

Day is turning out beautiful. Great work so far. Cannot wait to see you start your first Chatelaine