Monday, December 14, 2009

This week I was supposed to be stitching on Pinecones but I found more excuses for not working on it. I have decided to take it back out of my rotation until I feel the urge to stitch on it.
I did manage to make my cat ornaments into ornaments. This is my first time doing this kind of finishing. This past spring some of the Hoosier Stitchers had me over for a lesson. I took my first attempt (cotton balls glued to a pop tart box that then warped). Cici and Ana showed me the correct materials to use (mat board and fluffy stuff from the fabric store). I brought home a finished ornament to use as my guide. I finally got my act together and gave them a try this weekend. Not bad still room for improvement.
The frog necklace represents the necklaces I made with my nieces on Thanksgiving. I bought 9 different kits from Michaels ($1.00 each quite the bargin). I let each of the little girls pick out which kit they wanted. Felicia, MaryJane, Glory and Jessica were all able to string the beads on their own. I just tied the knots. I did help Elizabeth (who is 2 I think) string her beads. The girls want me to bring a different craft project for Christmas. They are home schooled and arts and crafts is not my Sister-in-law's thing. The older kids took their kits home as they were busy playing Monopoly.
This week I am back to stitching on Butterfly Fairy.

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Nancy M said...

Your ornaments looks cute. There is certainly a learning curve to each finish. But we are our own worst critic!