Sunday, January 29, 2023

WIPocalypse January

 This month i participated in Brringo with the Magazine Monthly Challenge Group .  I completed all of the challenge prompts for a blackout.  Here is what i stitched

To Every There is a Season  149 stitches added


Garden Girl Gnome from Mill Hill was a new start with 100 stitches put in

Give Thanks to God was worked on twice for a total of 228 stitches

Jolly Snowman was worked on three times for a total of 747 stitches


What a Hoot from Cross Country Stitching October 2012 was started with 157 stitches

I put in 200 stitches on Homestead Harvest

Abominable Bundle had 171 stitches added

Crane Paradise was worked on twice for 426 stitches

Princess and the Dragon was worked on 3 times for a total of 493 stitches

Bigfoot Bundle had 216 stitches added

Possum Song 108 stitches added

Freedom i almost finished back stitching the D


Autumn Sampler by Sandy Orton a Janlynn kit was started with 110 stitches

Butterfly Fairy Night 136stitches added

Gathering Pinecones my oldest WIP  I put in 136 stitches avoiding the specialty stitches

Bee Gnome by Mill Hill 265 more stitches

Hedge Hog the brown blob grows with 145 more stitches

Dandelion Fairy Kingdom total of 1,301  My goal was 2,000 stitches.  Even though there are still a few days left in January I will not meet that goal

Saturday morning (1/28) as I left to go grocery shopping i slipped on ice on my driveway and broke my right wrist.  Currently i cannot move the fingers of my right hand.  So even though I am left handed I cannot thread my needle one handed.  So I will not be able to stitch for a while.   I am not sure what i will do to fill the time i usually spend stitching


Sandy said...

so sorry to hear that you broke your wrist!! Hope you heal fast. You got a lot of wonderful progress done - I love doing the smaller challenges now - not doing the BRINGO, but I am doing WIPGO, same concept, but slower pace. Sandy

Katie said...

Oh no! Hope you heal quickly. That ice has been horrible here lately. I love all your stitching in January. Fantastic progress.