Sunday, April 27, 2014

I did start a new project on Sunday.  Jump for Joy from Cross county Stitching December 2011.  As you can see I didn't get much done.  I have been so tired lately that I have been in bed by 9pm.

My tulips are blooming and my grass needs mowed.  It is supposed to rain every day this week.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

 I worked again on Little Fairies at Play and was doing about 300 stitches a day.  Then I went away Thursday and Friday with my sister and now I have lost my stitching mojo.  So close to a page finish.  But I think I am ready to move on to a new project.
 Last week in the comments someone wanted to see how my scroll rods were stored inside the garment bag.  I have different types of scroll rods.  Some like this one have the wing nuts to adjust the tension.  When I have more than one project on scroll rods stored in here I make sure the projects are face to face with the wing nuts touching the garment bag.
 I bought the longest garment bag they had as these scroll rods are 38 inches.  I am going to make another pair that will be about 45 inches and hope they will fit in here too.  HAEDS are large and I am a slow stitcher so I need someway to store them long term while I am working on them.
 Here are some shots of Turkey Run State Park where I went with my sister on Thursday and Friday.  Even though I have been there a million times I still end up taking alot of pictures.  Gotta love digital cameras.  We hiked 14 miles - all of the trails in one day. We saw alot of spring flowers.  Usually we are there in the fall for the fall colors.  So this was a different view of the park.
So the next day we headed to Raccoon Lake State Rec Area and hiked 6 more miles there.  We had never been there before.  Their trails were not well marked so at times we went by where it looked like we should be walking according to the map.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April WIPocalypse

 It is time once again to see the progress on my WIPs.  Since last month I have finished Cat Cushion.
 I also made good progress on Little Fairies at Play and hope to finish page 5 before the next WIPocalypse.
And I finished Live out Loud.  No new starts yet.  I am enjoying stitching on Little Fairies at Play and can't seem to get motivated to start anything new.

This month we were to show how we organize our stash.
 For large projects like Little Fairies at Play I keep the floss for that project in its own box.
 Here are my other boxes of floss waiting to be used in projects
 Once projects are kitted up I keep the patterns, floss and material in this plastic carrier that has 10 pockets in side.  If the projects are on scroll rods they do not stay in this carrier.
 Here is my tub of finished projects that need framed or made into something.  Looks like it is getting a little full. 
 I put my projects that are on scroll rods when they are not being worked on in this hanging garment bag.
 Here is a tub of patterns, kits, fabric with scroll rods stacked on top.
Another tub of patterns, kits, fabric with finishing supplies, more floss that needs put on bobbins sitting on top.

Now that my daughter has moved out I could turn her bedroom into a stitching room.  Maybe someday I will get around to doing that.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

 I continued on with Little Fairies at Play this week.  Here is how it looks.
I am still working away on page 5.  I am close to finishing this page.  I still don't feel like starting a new project.  So I am going to keep working on this one this week and hopefully finish this page.

I will be gone Thursday and Friday as my sister and I are taking our annual trip to Turkey Run State Park.  Maybe when I come back I will feel like starting a new project.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I worked on Little Fairies at Play this week.  Over half way done with page 5.  I should be switching projects today, but I do not have the fabric ready to go for a new start.  It is here I just need to cut it to size and bind around the edges.  And I am just not feeling it.  So I think I will work on this one for another week.  I should be good and ready to move on to another project next Sunday.