Sunday, August 30, 2015

WIPocalypse August

 Since the last full moon I worked on Faces of Faery 90.
 I just finished a weeks rotation on Little Fairies at Play.  Close to finishing page 7.  I work on this one every other week.
And I started a new project Freedom by Joan Elliott.  Doesn't look like much now. It had been on my to be started list for several years.  I decided to clean out that list and start all of the projects sitting on it.  I have another project to start tonight.

The topic this month is to pick one of the projects we worked on this month and tell about our stitching journey. I am picking Little Fairies at Play.  I had been watching everyone stitching on HAED's but never saw one that really made me want to start stitching it.  Then while browsing at my LNS one day I saw Little Fairies at Play.  I knew I had to stitch it and thought it would look great hanging in my future granddaughter's room.  My daughter was not married at the time.  I began stitching this in 2011.  I decided to use scroll rods for the first time and went to the lumber store to get 2 rods long enough.  I quickly fell in love with this project.  It is 28 pages long and 146,700 stitch  es.  After 4 years I am just about to finish page 7.  Since my first HAED purchase I have purchased several more.  2 are larger than this one.  One would look great in a future grandson's room.  I have 2 HAEDs in progress and will start my 3rd one in 2016.  My new motto is If I never start I will never get finished.  Still no grandkids so I am ahead for the moment.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I started another new project - Freedom by Joan Elliott.  I bought this kit on clearance at Hobby Lobby quite a few years ago.  I only got to work on it a few days.  It took a while to sort out the colors.  Here is a picture of what it will look like when it is done

I still have another planned start for this year.  Soo many projects so little time.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

 I worked on Little Fairies at Play this week.  Pushing to finish page7. I work on this one every other rotation slot.
 Haven't showed my Orts in a while.  I had to push them down some and it looks like they need it again.

I had a 20% off everything coupon from Michaels.  Bought floss, bobbins and a new project box.  This is for another HAED start.  I plan on starting it in 2016.  They are so addictive.  This is another large project.  A little larger than Little Fairies at Play.  But if I never start I will never finish.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I worked on Faces of Faery 90 last week.  I was cruising on this one.  I got 1400 stitches done for a total done now of 2100.  I had thought the large black areas would be boring and go slow.  But not having to change colors means I can move right along.

I am working on kitting up another HAED for a future start in 2016.  Unless I lose the urge to start new projects.  I do like to have finishes and because I have so many large projects I might not have alot of finishes very often.

I really want to finish Little Fairies at Play in my lifetime.  So I do work on that every other rotation. I am working on it this week and hope to make some good progress.