Sunday, January 29, 2023

WIPocalypse January

 This month i participated in Brringo with the Magazine Monthly Challenge Group .  I completed all of the challenge prompts for a blackout.  Here is what i stitched

To Every There is a Season  149 stitches added


Garden Girl Gnome from Mill Hill was a new start with 100 stitches put in

Give Thanks to God was worked on twice for a total of 228 stitches

Jolly Snowman was worked on three times for a total of 747 stitches


What a Hoot from Cross Country Stitching October 2012 was started with 157 stitches

I put in 200 stitches on Homestead Harvest

Abominable Bundle had 171 stitches added

Crane Paradise was worked on twice for 426 stitches

Princess and the Dragon was worked on 3 times for a total of 493 stitches

Bigfoot Bundle had 216 stitches added

Possum Song 108 stitches added

Freedom i almost finished back stitching the D


Autumn Sampler by Sandy Orton a Janlynn kit was started with 110 stitches

Butterfly Fairy Night 136stitches added

Gathering Pinecones my oldest WIP  I put in 136 stitches avoiding the specialty stitches

Bee Gnome by Mill Hill 265 more stitches

Hedge Hog the brown blob grows with 145 more stitches

Dandelion Fairy Kingdom total of 1,301  My goal was 2,000 stitches.  Even though there are still a few days left in January I will not meet that goal

Saturday morning (1/28) as I left to go grocery shopping i slipped on ice on my driveway and broke my right wrist.  Currently i cannot move the fingers of my right hand.  So even though I am left handed I cannot thread my needle one handed.  So I will not be able to stitch for a while.   I am not sure what i will do to fill the time i usually spend stitching

Sunday, January 8, 2023

WIPocalypse Introduction

 I am Cathy and have been participating in WIPocalypse since 2012.  I am married with 2 grown children and 2 cats.  I am getting ready to retire in June of 2023 and begin a new chapter.

I started out as a one at a time stitcher until I found the internet and my list of wips has grown.  I am starting off 2023 with 17 WIPs.  All of my WIPs are listed and have pictures on my 2023 WIPocalypse tab.  

Plans for 2023.  My oldest Wip is from 2001 -Gathering Pinecones by Hillside Samplers. It has not been an active WIP since 2001.  While digging in my craft room I found it and have decided to try working on it again.  It is on R&R Linen and full of specialty stitches.  I am an Aida stitcher and don't know what I was thinking when I bought the called for linen.  Also the specialty stitches have not been easy or fun.  It will get worked on once in January and then I will decide whether to keep stitching on it or dump it.


In January I am participating in Brringo with the Magazine Monthly Challenge Group. Each day a new number is called and I will work on the project for that day.  Most of my WIPs are that board along with 3 new starts.

Also with the Magazine Monthly Challenge Group I will do the monthly Acrostics.

With my 3 planned new starts in January I will have 20 active WIPs.  I would like to finish in 2023:

Freedom by Joan Elliott.  I am just doing the backstitching so this one should be finished in January or February.


Butterfly Fairy Night started in 2014 This one is being stitched on an even weave.  I got off on the count somewhere and I keep having to make adjustments.  I do not enjoy stitching on this project as I have to go slow and concentrate to stay on track.  I would like to get this one done in 2023.  I have already stitched Butterfly Fairy Day on evenweave and did not have all of the struggles that I do with this one.


I have a few small WIPs that I would like to finish in 2023.  I am learning to mix small projects in with my bigger projects so I can have a few finishes.

Bee Gnome by Mill Hill.  I should be able to finish this one in 2023


I would like to finish 5 more pages on Dandelion Fairy Kingdom.  This is my largest WIP and still has a few more years before it will get finished


And here is my empty Ort Jar along with the filled Ornament with orts from 2022.

At our next posting I will show all of my January stitching progress and new starts.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

December WIPocalypse

 We are at the end of 2022 already.  This post is to recap my stitching year.  First I will start with the projects I worked on this month:

Give Thanks to God Sampler.  Worked some more on adding leaves to the tree.

Dandelion Fairy Kingdom.  I finished page 15 and started on page 16.

Freedom.  I continue with the back stitching.  I have completed F, R, E E and I am working on D.

Jolly Snowman by Joan Elliott.  Work a little on filling in the background and I have started on the Snoman's hat.

Butterfly Fair Night.  I continue to struggle on with this one.  I have decided to push to finish it in 2023.

Gnomes.  Moving up to the face on the first gnome.

Possum Song.  Finished the head and added a hat.

Princess & the Dragon by Teresa Wentzler.  Worked more on the border.

To Everything There is a Season Sampler.  Started on the Peacock.

Hello Autumn.  I love how the colors look on my fabric.  But I am not happy with the placement on the fabric.  I am going to frog it all out and start fresh on this fabric but in a better spot.  


Here is my recap of 2022.

I started the year with 12 WIPs.  I had 11 new starts and 6 finishes leaving me with 17 WIPs going into 2023.  Here are my finishes:

Cat's Paw from Treasures in Needlework Premier Issue.  I changed the Cat colors to look like our cat Callie.

Reindeer Ornament from Cross Stitch & Needlework January 2009.  I have also completed the Santa ornament from this issue.

Hodge Podge Soup from Cross Country Stitching October 2013.  I loved the colors in this one.  This issue of the magazine has quite a few projects that I have or am stitching on.

Flamingo by Mill Hill.  This was a start and a finish in 2022.

Owl #4 from Cross Stitch & Needlework Sept 2014

Owl #5.  Both Owl's were started and finished in 2022.  They have been fully finished and given to my sister-in-law.  So far no new baby announcements so I might have no Owl stitching in 2023.

Here is my 2022 Ort Jar.  It is ready to be emptied into an ornament so that I can start off 2023.

In 2022 I stitched 345 days out of 365.  I completed the Full Coverage Fanatics group challenge of stitching 22,000 stitches in 2022 and I finished the Stitch Around Germany Challenge.  In 2022 I completed 79,413 stitches across all of my projects.

I have updated my 2022 WIPocalypse page with ending pictures for all of my WIPs.

2022 was a good stitching year for me and I look forward to 2023.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

November WIPocalypse

 This Month's WIPocalypse question:  When do you begin planning your stitching goals for the next year?

I think I start thinking about it in December - late December.  After hearing other stitchers plans it gets me motivated to make my plans.

November was a good stitching month  I have 2 finishes and I am close to finishing a 3rd project.

Hodge Podge Soup from Cross Country Stitching October 2013.  Started 9/18/21 and finished on 11/5/22.  I enjoyed stitching on this one with all of the bright colors.

Owl #5 from Cross Stitch & Needlework Sept 2014.  Started 7/16/22 Finished 11/6/22. I just need to make Owl #4 and #5 into banners.  So far no new great niece or nephews are on the way so I am caught up for now.

Freedom by Joan Elliott.  I have finished all of the cross stitching and started on the backstitching.  The F is backstitched and I have started on the R.  I will continue working on this one for the rest of November.

Abominable Bundle got some work.  It is hard to tell but the fabric is a lavender color.

Bee Gnome a Mill Hill kit.  I made good progress on  this one and hope to finish it in December.

Bigfoot Bunch.  This one is also being stitched on a lavender fabric.  It is 14ct.

Dandelion Fairy Kingdom.  Finished page 14 and have a good start on page 15.  Having large blocks of color helps to move it along.  The bottom of page 15 will be more confetti.  Hope to have page 15 finished in December.

Gnomes.  More progress.  There will be 3 Gnomes on this piece taken from a Gloria and Pat leaflet.

Possum Song.  I finished the border and have started on the Possum in the middle.  I looks like I have a skull.

Princess and the Dragon by Teresa Wentzler a pull out chart from Cross Stitch Collection.  I worked some more on the border.  I hope to work on this one some more in December as I really enjoy stitching on this one.