Sunday, March 27, 2011

This past week I worked on Stencil Alphabet.  Getting closer to a finish.  Should have this one done in 2 more rotations.  I have been adding projects to be kitted up as there are so many I want to do.

Here is Day.  I worked on her the week before.  Didn't get an update posted as we were still having computer problems.  All is fixed now (one new video card later).

DD called home to say that she had gotten a job for the summer working in the marketing department of CedarFair.  This is in the field she will be getting a degree in.  So she might be home for a day before moving to Sandusky.  I can see a road trip for the summer.  We haven't taken any trips as a family since 2001.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here is my progress on Garden Seeds.  I finished the Tomato and started on the Peas.
I didn't post my update last week on Freight Train.  I am almost done with the 5th car!
And here is a look at the whole train.  Kinda wrinkly.  I still think I can finish this one this year.

My daughter has returned to college.  It was good having her home and we got to spend some time with her boyfriend.  He is a nice kid and is fitting into our family.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

 I had President's Day off so I went to my LNS.  I picked up a few patterns.  Not that I need any more.
 I saw this Heaven and Earth design and liked the colors.  I thought I might stitch this one for my granddaughter's room.  Not that I have a granddaughter yet or even a married child, but it might take a while to get this one done.  Also picked up some beads for another project.
 The main reason I went to my LNS was to drop off one of my finished projects to be framed.  I try to get one framed a year.  I picked this one out of my finished box.  Dropped it off on Monday and it was ready Friday.  Talk about fast.  They always do a good job and the prices are reasonable.
Here is a new start.  Oriental Orchids from the British Cross Stitcher September 2004.  I started this one on 2/20/11.

Lots of pictures this time as my computer has been broken for about 2 wks.  Still not completely fixed but working enough to post and read e-mail.

My daughter is home this week for spring break.  Our snow is melted but the rivers are high from all the melting snow and rain.  Typical spring weather.


Here are my orts.  Another full one.  Seems like alot of my projects were in greens and grays.