Monday, April 29, 2019

April WIPocalyse

April was another good stitching month.  This month's weekly project was Freedom by Joan Elliot.  It was a kit I purchased several years ago on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  Usually I am not motivated to stitch on this one when it comes up in my rotation.  But this month I really enjoyed working on it.

There will be alot of backstiching on this one.  I usually save that til the end.

And of course I worked on Little Fairies at Play on the Weekends.  Goal is 1,200 stitches a month with a page finish every three months.  I am on page 16 which is my second page for 2019.  I got 2,855 stitches in this month, which is my first month working on page 16.  I am almost half way done with page 16.

This month we are to talk about our oldest WIP.  Mine is Little Fairies at Play.  I started this one back in November 2011.  I have always had other projects in my rotation and I am a slow stitcher.  I was lucky to finish a page a year in the beginning.  I am now up to doing 4 pages a year.  I think the rotation I put in place last year is really helping me to make good progress on this piece.  I will finish it in 2020.

Here are my Orts.  I missed taking a picture of them in March.  It is time to tamp them down.

 Hard to believe April is almost done.  The year is speeding by.  I have been watching floss tube enjoying everyone's plans for stitch maynia.  I am not participating.  But it is tempting.  Once I retire this is something I would like to do.  On my bucket list.  lol

Sunday, March 31, 2019

WIPocalypse March

This month my main focus piece was Little Fairies at Play so that I could finish up page 15.  I did that on 3/10/19
I still needed to complete 1,200 stitches for the Full Coverage challenge so  I started on page 16.  I got my stitches done and put this one away until April.

Since I was done early this month I pulled out Bless our Harvest. I did not  stitch every day but made some good progress on it.

I made a stop at my local LNS as I was running out of some colors on Little Fairies at Play.  While there I went thru their clearance area and found this chart that I saw either on Just Keep Stitching with Steph and Pam or Sunshine Stitchers.  It had a chart for a Bumble in it and my sister collects bumbles.


 Here is my progress on the Bumble Ornament

This new pattern also caught my eye.  I like the woodie wagon with the camper
Then I also got the needed floss and a small piece of light blue aida that I am stitching the Bumble on.

On our anniversary my husband and I went to a large antique mall in Maumee OH.  There I found these 2 books

I have not discovered any new designers but I am watching Floss Tube now which is exposing me to different designers than I would normally pay attention to.

Monday, February 25, 2019

WIPocalypse February

This month's question is what do you listen/watch when stitching.  I have just discovered Flosstube.  I tend to watch that when my husband is at work.  Otherwise whatever he is watching.  The less interested in it the more stitching I get done.

We spent a week in Florida visiting my in-laws.  So I did not stitch every day this month.  My weekly project was Butterfly Night which is stitched on evenweave.  I struggle to stitch on evenweave.  My stitches are a mess so I hate to work on this project.  I worked on filling in the moon.  Glad to put this one away and switch to another project a few days early.

On the weekends I worked on Little Fairies at Play and completed 2,787 stitches.  I almost have page 15 done and should finish it up in March.  To make sure I get my page finished and at least 1,200 stitches in I will work on this project on weekends and during the week until page 15 is done and 1,200 stitches completed.

Bless our Harvest will be back out for the few remaining days of February and as soon as I have page 15 and 1,200 stitches done on Little Fairies at Play I will work on it for the rest of the month.

I did manage to read 4 books this month (3 while on vacation in Florida).

Looking forward to some warmer weather for March.

Friday, February 1, 2019

January WIPocalypse

January was an excellent stitching month.  I had 29 days of stitching.  I stitched for a total of 91 hours.  I had 3 separate days off in January so that added to my stitching time.  I will not do as good in February as we will be gone to visit my inlaws in Florida for a week.

 Faces of Faery 90 was my project for the month of January.  I stitched on her during the week.  I almost have page 2 finished.  Need to fill in the confetti stitches and I will be on to page 3.
 Little Fairies at Play is my weekend project.  My goal is 1,200 stitches a month with the aim of finishing a page every three months.  So I really have to do more than 1,200 stitches a month for a page finish.  In January I did 3,347 stitches.  I am at the half way point of page 15.
And here are my Orts for January.

 The question for this month is what SAL are you participating in for 2019.  I am in the Full Coverage Facebook group 1,200 stitches a month and WIPocalypse.  Both motivate me to make progress on my projects.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019 Intro

Hi I am Cathy and I have been participating in WIPocalypse since 2012.  I currently have 6 active WIPs in my rotation.  I tend to do larger full coverage pieces so I do not get too many finishes.

My WIPs for 2019 are listed in the WIPocalypse 2019 tab.  My goals for 2019 are to stitch on all of my projects at least twice this year.  I am participating in 1200 stitches a month with the facebook group Full Coverage Fanactics.  I participated in this stitch a long in 2018 and made alot of progress on Little Fairies at Play.

 I have added 2 pages to this picture since I moved the scroll rods.

My rotation for 2019 looks like:

January - Faces of Faery 90 during the week and Little Fairies at Play on the weekends.
February - Butterfly Fairy Night during the week and Little Fairies at Play on the weekends
March - Little Fairies at Play all month until I finish page 15.  If it finish the page before the month ends I will stitch on Bless Our Harvest until the month ends.

My goal is to finish 4 pages on Little Fairies at Play this year. I have my eye on a finish on this piece in 2020.

I do not know if I will start any new pieces.  I do have one kitted up ready to start.  I have so many beautiful patterns in my stash that I will not need to buy any.  I also have a large tub of finished pieces that need finished off.

I am working on turning a spare bedroom into my craftroom/office.  As that progresses I might be able to work on framing or finishing some of the pieces in the finished tub.

Thanks to Melissa for hosting WIPocalypse.   I always enjoy seeing what everyone is working on.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

December WIPocalypse

This is the final post for 2018 WIPocalypse (I am late).  2018 was a good stitching year for me.  I stitched o all of my WIPs twice, I had one finish and 2 new starts.  December was the first time that I had stitched every day!

Here is what I stitched on in December:

 Little Fairies at Play I worked on it all month as I wanted to finish page 14 before the year ended.  I finished the page on 12/22/18.  That is 4 page finishes in 2018.  I had a goal of 1,200 stitches each month as part of the Full Coverage Stitch by the Numbers Challenge.  In January 2018 I was not sure I could make that many stitches a month.  But I set up my new rotation stitching on this project on the weekends and a different WIP during the week.  So I worked on one project for a Month before moving on to the next WIP.  I did make good progress on all of my projects this way.

 Since I finished my page on Little Fairies at Play with still days to go in December, I decided on a new start.  I had this one kitted up.  It is Bless Our Harvest from Cross Country Stitching October 2013.  I started it on 12/23/18.  Slow going on black.  I will be leaving off the words and maybe making a few other changes.  Here is what it looks like:

For 2019 I will once again be going for 1,200 stitches on Little Fairies at Play with every 3rd month working just on that project to finish the page.  So  in March if I finish off page 15 with days left I will work on the Owl project.

I have updated my 2018 Wipocalypse page with the progress pictures for all of my WIPs.

Here is a look at my Orts for 2018 and I have them in their ornament.  My jar is empty and ready of a new year of stitching.