Sunday, November 27, 2022

November WIPocalypse

 This Month's WIPocalypse question:  When do you begin planning your stitching goals for the next year?

I think I start thinking about it in December - late December.  After hearing other stitchers plans it gets me motivated to make my plans.

November was a good stitching month  I have 2 finishes and I am close to finishing a 3rd project.

Hodge Podge Soup from Cross Country Stitching October 2013.  Started 9/18/21 and finished on 11/5/22.  I enjoyed stitching on this one with all of the bright colors.

Owl #5 from Cross Stitch & Needlework Sept 2014.  Started 7/16/22 Finished 11/6/22. I just need to make Owl #4 and #5 into banners.  So far no new great niece or nephews are on the way so I am caught up for now.

Freedom by Joan Elliott.  I have finished all of the cross stitching and started on the backstitching.  The F is backstitched and I have started on the R.  I will continue working on this one for the rest of November.

Abominable Bundle got some work.  It is hard to tell but the fabric is a lavender color.

Bee Gnome a Mill Hill kit.  I made good progress on  this one and hope to finish it in December.

Bigfoot Bunch.  This one is also being stitched on a lavender fabric.  It is 14ct.

Dandelion Fairy Kingdom.  Finished page 14 and have a good start on page 15.  Having large blocks of color helps to move it along.  The bottom of page 15 will be more confetti.  Hope to have page 15 finished in December.

Gnomes.  More progress.  There will be 3 Gnomes on this piece taken from a Gloria and Pat leaflet.

Possum Song.  I finished the border and have started on the Possum in the middle.  I looks like I have a skull.

Princess and the Dragon by Teresa Wentzler a pull out chart from Cross Stitch Collection.  I worked some more on the border.  I hope to work on this one some more in December as I really enjoy stitching on this one.




Katie said...

Gorgeous work on everything!

Sandy said...

congrats on the finishes!! And can't wait to see the almost finish.