Thursday, April 16, 2015

I worked on Butterfly Fairy Night last week.  Now that the weather is warm time must be spent doing yard work.  But still progress was made.

Tuesday night I worked on pulling threads to start a new HAED.  I still need to buy quite a few but I have a coupon for Michaels that I am going to use.  While I had all of my thread stash pulled out I asked my friend if he new what this was called (I was going for stash).  He replied:  "Loving your string?".   I laughed so hard.  He has alot to learn about stitchers.  lol

Last fall I planted 30 tulip bulbs.  I ran out of flower bed space so I put 15 in 3 large flower pots.  My tulips are starting to bloom and I hope to get some pictures.  Unfortunately the bulbs planted in the flower pots did not make it. 

I am back to working on Little Fairies at Play.  I might keep this one out for 2 weeks as I didn't start stitching on it until last night.

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Rhona said...

Heehee...we all love our string!!! :) Butterfly fairy looks good so far.
Too bad about the tulips in the pots, hope the others are flowering.