Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunflower Swirl is close to being finished.  Next Rotation I should be able to finish it up.  I need to dig thru my stash and kit up something to take its place in this slot of my rotation.  I want to keep a small or quick to finish project in this slot.  Most of my projects are large and take a long time to finish so it is nice to actually get a finish in.

We had 10 more inches of snow on Wednesday this past week.  Luckily work didn't open up til noon to give us a chance to dig out.  It took me an hour to shovel my driveway as now the snow piles on the sides are so high it is hard for me to lift the shovel high enough to get the snow on top.  My son went to school 2 days last week.  He is a senior and I am not sure he will ever graduate.  I think school has been extended now to close to the middle of June.

I am ready for another day of watching the Olympics!  I will take a short break from the Olympics tonight to watch the Walking Dead.  I will be stitching of course!

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