Sunday, August 4, 2013

I worked on Little Fairies at Play this past week.  I am almost finished with page 3 and should have it done next rotation.  I have completed 21,326 stitches.  I was bad and ordered two more HAED's during Bob's Birthday sale.  When I get them I will post pictures.  I like mine in the printed format.   I really need to stop buying stash and spend more time stitching.
 While I was in Arizona I bought the blue pendant in the above picture.  It needed a chain so I stopped at Michael's and came out with beads, pendants, cord etc.  These are the 4 necklaces I put together so far.  Putting the clasps on is the tricky part.  I did have to cut the cords to make them the length I wanted.  I have a bunch more beads that just jumped into my basket.  I need more time to do all of the projects I have.
I needed more floss for my Cat Cushion which is up next.  Walmart didn't have the number I needed and Michael's was out (but I bought plenty of beads at Michael's).  So I stopped at Jo Anns.  I was just going to run in and out with the needed floss.  I grabbed two skeins and then saw the above booklet.  I bought it just for the cover pattern by Joan Elliott.  I think I have the rest of the designs in another book already.  I walked thru their bead area as they had different ones than Michael's but I was good and did not pick up any more.

Monday afternoon I will be off to register my son for school.  He will be a senior this year.  I will also take him clothes shopping.  School will start in 2 weeks.  The summer has flown by!

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Annie said...

I really love Little Fairies at Play, and I enjoy seeing your progress on it. I know what you mean about the stash buying....I buy more than I can possibly work on and/or actually finish! But there are worse vices to spend money on, right?!