Sunday, July 25, 2010

Once again this week the tempatures were in the 90's. We do not have central air, just a window air conditioner. It gets pretty hot in here by late afternoon. Thursday night at 9:30 I started making cupcakes for my co-workers 40th birthday. I had seen a picture of cupcakes decorated like monkeys in a magazine. I have watched alot of Cake Boss and figured that I too could create masterpieces that would be too pretty to eat. Well my cupcakes did not turn out looking like the picture. By 11:30pm I decided just to make smiley faced cupcakes and move on. They were well received at work and quite tasty. I guess I will not be getting my own cake decorating show. It is harder than it looks.
I did get alot of stitching done this week on Happy Girl. Next time she is up in my rotation I will be moving the scroll rods so I can work on the bottom of the design. I think this one might also get finished this year!
On Saturday I did not have to go to my dad's as he went to the circus for the day with his girlfriend. So I hung a load of laundry out and went to my lns. I took in one of my finished pieces to get framed. I then wandered around the store for an hour looking at everything. A few items did find their way home with me:
3 packs of beads for future projects
Carter Mouse & Friends Celebrations leaflet
Stoney Creek Classic Travel leaflet
Rapunzel; Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty charts all by Sandy Orton.
I found all of these in the clearance bins. When I go back to pick up my framing I will get another chance to see what else will want to come home with me.


Nancy M said...

Happy girl, looks just like the title! At least you made an effort on the cupcakes. They taste the same no matter what they look like!

Debra said...

your cupcakes look good to me, they put a smile on my face. Your stitching and stashing is great too.

Wendy said...

your cupcakes look really jummy, I´d say they turned out really well !
and going to a crafts store is always dangerous, I have that problem as well, I don´t need anything, until I see it, lol !