Tuesday, October 30, 2018

October WIPoclypse

This month I worked on two projects.

 Little Fairies at Play. I finished page 13 and started page 14.  1,654 stitches complete this month.  I work on this one on the weekends with the goal of 1,200 stitches a month.  It is a stitch a long with the Facebook group Full Coverage Fanatics.  This monthly group has really helped me to make alot of progress this year on this piece.  3 pages finished.  My goal is to finish page 14 by year end.
During the week I worked on Freedom by Joan Elliot.  This is a kit.  For some reason I am having trouble motivating on this one.  But I did make some progress which is better than none.

Here are my orts.  Ready to tamp down again.  Lots of green and pinks from Little Fairies at Play.

This month's question is Rotation or one at a time.  For years I stitched on one project at a time.  That caused long stitching slumps when I was bored of my project.  Then I discovered the internet and found out about rotations.  I like having different projects to work on.  It keeps me from getting bored.  I try to keep my WIPs down as I do like to see progress and finishes.

This past week I went to Washington DC with my sister.  We toured the White House, Capital and some museums.  But the main reason we went was my Sister was running in the Marine Corp Marathon.  It was a very emotional marathon.  Everyone was cheering on the runners, the Marine Corp brass band played.  It was my first time seeing my sister run and she did awesome.  She got a personal best on the marathon.  Here are a few pictures.

It really doesn't matter who is president.  Washington DC is the history of America.  You can't help but feel patriotic and thankful for all of the service men and women past and present who have protected and helped to shape the country.


Katie said...

Great work on your WIPs. Hope the stitching bug for your weekly project comes back soon. It's horrible when a piece drags. Normally for me it means it's time for a longer break on it. Glad you had a nice trip to DC. We hope to do that sometime on a bus trip.

The Crafty Princess said...

Awesome progress on Fairies, you exceeded your goal so well. I'm in a fb challenge group and I agree it really does help get you motivated and stitch more than you normally would. So that is great. Congrats to your sister, what a champion. Good luck finishing page 14 before the year is out but I think you will definitely beat that goal.
xo Alicia