Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WIPocalypse January

This month we are supposed to introduce ourselves and our projects and plans for 2016. I am Cathy and have been cross stitching since the late 80's.  I prefer large projects but do some smalls just to get a finish now and then.  My stitching time is limited as I work full time and spend time with my father.

You can see pictures of my projects on my WIPocalypse 2016 page. This will be my fifth year participating.

Currently I have 2 HAEDs in my rotation.  Little Fairies at Play gets worked on every other week as I have a weekly rotation.

Here are the projects I worked on since the last WIPocalypse in December

 Freedom as of 1/12/16. Not much progress
 Faces of Faery 90 as of 1/3/16.  I am currently working on this one for the HAED challenge
Summer Sensation as of 1/15/16.  I took this one on my annual trip to Rochester NY.
Not much progress as I got the flu and was too sick to do much more than sleep.

I hope to make alot of progress on all my projects this year and start a few more.


Heather said...

I hope you feel better soon! They all look awesome!

Rachel Tomkins said...

Lovely colours in all of them, especially the flowers. Hope you're feeling better now. :)

Annie said...

I always love the pieces you choose! Hope you're feeling better.

Katie said...

Great projects! Good luck!!

Rhona said...

Hope you're feeling better. Your projects all look wonderful!

Brigitte said...

You have some nice projects on the go. That flower picture already looks gorgeous. I also love the really big projects.
I hope you could get rid of the flu and feel better now.

ANGIE said...

Hi Cathy, your projects are great! "Faces of Faery" is one of my favourite HAED. Happy stitching!

Suz said...

Your projects are fantastic! I hope you recovered from your flu quickly :)