Monday, October 26, 2015

WIPocalypse October

 This month I worked on Faces of Faery 90. 
 And Little Fairies at Play got worked on every other week.  It is back out now and I hope to finish page 7 this week with a start on page 8.  Someone asked for a picture of the whole thing.  When page 7 is done I will see if I can get a picture.
And this past week I worked on Freedom by Joan Elliott.  There will be alot of backstitching on this project.

This month we are to talk about if there are any fibers or fabrics we are afraid to try.  I don't like stitching on linen.  Most of my projects are on Aida.  Butterfly Fairy Night is on evenweave.  I am doing better this time than when I stitched Butterfly Fairy Day.  But I go slow to make sure I am stitching in the right place.

I have not tried very many specialty fibers. 


Heather said...

They look lovely :)

Rachel Tomkins said...

Lovely progress as usual.
I totally agree with you about linen. I tried it once - for two hours - and gave up. Horrible stuff!!! :)

Annie said...

All your projects are looking beautiful! I love them all:)

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely progress on your various projects.
I too really do not like linen... I avoid it at all costs!

Katie said...

Beautiful progress! I agree with you too. I hate the look of linen.

Stitching Angel said...

I'm with everyone here in saying I love Aida like you. Thanks I will look forward to your post that shows everything you have stitched on your fairys.

Rose Barrow said...

I am so glad to see another that likes to stitch on aida, it is my favorite fabric. Your work is very beautiful!!!!!