Sunday, March 9, 2014

I am so close to having all of the cross stitching done on this piece.  Just a little area to go all of the same color.   I thought with 2 nights left in my rotation I would get it done.  Friday night I sat down to stitch put a few stitches in and fell asleep.  Saturday night I sat down and put a few more stitches in and fell asleep.  I am so close on this one.  There is some backstitching to do also.  I think my next rotation should finish it up as long as I can stay awake. 

It was a very busy week.  We had an open house Saturday afternoon for my father's 80th Birthday. I dropped my son off at 7:30 in the morning to take the SAT and was in constant motion until 5:30 when we got back to my house.  Then I had to do dishes and bake a birthday cake for my son whose 18th birthday was also on Saturday.

Today I am taking my son out for lunch for his birthday along with my daughter and her husband.  Then back to my house for cake.

I did stop into my LNS yesterday morning to pick up my daughter and son-in-law's diplomas that I had framed.  I wandered around again looking at patterns but only ended up buying some floss that I needed for a project I am kitting up and a few small pieces of fabric.  I have so much in my stash that I want to stitch and a large box of finished pieces that need framed that I just couldn't buy any more patterns.


Shelleen said...

Like the colors in this piece. Good luck on finishing it in the next rotation

Miss Lilly said...

Beautiful work. This design is lovely