Sunday, September 11, 2011

 Instead of starting my HAED this rotation, I started and finished Pray Often from Cross Country Stitching August 2011.  I started this on 9/4/11 and finished it yesterday 9/10/11.    Most of my projects are large/long term that it is nice to do a small one every once in a while.
On Saturdays, my sister and I often go for a walk around my Dad's neighborhood.  Yesterday the weather was nice and off we went.  We passed a house having a garage sale and it looked like they did not have the usual stuff (clothes, kids toys etc).  So we stopped to have a look.  They had a huge collection of teddy bear figurines, frog figurines and different craft items.  I bought these scroll rods and floss box for $2.50.  Couldn't pass it up.  I didn't buy any more frogs as I am running out of room to put them.  Now I can have even more projects going on scroll rods.  I plan on buying the velcro to put on the rods and material so I don't have to try and put the material thru the splits.

I have been up watching the 9/11 memorial services on CNN.  There are no words to express the emotions this brings back.

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Debra said...

contrats on your finish and great finds!