Monday, August 15, 2011

More progress on Butterfly Fairy Day.  I really enjoy stitching this one.

Picked up my daughter from Cedar Point on Friday.  It was a long day of driving.  Saturday we did laundry, grocery shopping, and had a cookout so the grandparents could visit with my daughter before she heads back to school.  Monday saw me on the road again but a shorter drive to Ball State to drop my daughter off.  She has a really nice room this year (especially compared to the tiny 3 person dorm room at Cedar Point).

I am off tomorrow also and will take my son school shopping.  He is still having problems eating solid food.  Then back to work on Wednesday.


mdgtjulie said...

Your Day is looking gorgeous. I have that chart too, and if I don't die first, I'll start it someday. Grats on the progress!!

Debra said...

She's beautiful! Are you going to the fall retreat?