Saturday, March 5, 2011

 I had President's Day off so I went to my LNS.  I picked up a few patterns.  Not that I need any more.
 I saw this Heaven and Earth design and liked the colors.  I thought I might stitch this one for my granddaughter's room.  Not that I have a granddaughter yet or even a married child, but it might take a while to get this one done.  Also picked up some beads for another project.
 The main reason I went to my LNS was to drop off one of my finished projects to be framed.  I try to get one framed a year.  I picked this one out of my finished box.  Dropped it off on Monday and it was ready Friday.  Talk about fast.  They always do a good job and the prices are reasonable.
Here is a new start.  Oriental Orchids from the British Cross Stitcher September 2004.  I started this one on 2/20/11.

Lots of pictures this time as my computer has been broken for about 2 wks.  Still not completely fixed but working enough to post and read e-mail.

My daughter is home this week for spring break.  Our snow is melted but the rivers are high from all the melting snow and rain.  Typical spring weather.

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Nancy M said...

I have the Beringer House too! Love you are thinking ahead about stitching that HAED, my GD might be 10 years old before I could finish one! LOL Nice start on your new piece and your framed picture looks great!