Sunday, September 26, 2010

This week was my annual trip with my sister to Turkey Run State Park. It was 94! We hiked all of our favorite trails. Found this box turtle along one of the trails. We also saw 5 snakes, 5 caterpillars, 13 toads, 1 tree frog, a raccoon and a vole. We were dripping sweat by the end of the day. Hope I walked off some pounds for my weigh in on Monday.

I worked on Abcedaire this past week and I am close to a finish. Hope to finish it next time it is up in the rotation. Just have the Z box to do and it will be done.


Wendy said...

wauw, you´re almost done !
lovely piece !

what a beautiful turtle !
I would be so tempted to bring it home !

Debra said...

Love the pictures from the park. That turtle looks big and I don't know what a vole is. Your wip is so pretty.

Lelia said...

maybe show your daughter my daughter's photo --- perhaps they do know each other.

Mine is in Dietetics, grad school.