Sunday, August 15, 2010

We took my DD back to college Saturday. This will be her 3rd year. The first year we managed to fit all of her stuff in a mini cooper. This year it took 2 cars. I packed most of her stuff in her car and we followed behind in ours with the refrigerator. It was nice and hot to move in. 97. But it was only 2 trips from the cars into her room so within 45 minutes she was all moved in. No roommate yet. We left her there to sweat and headed on to a large flea market in Daleville. Walked around for a while with a few small purchases. Then we headed to White Castle as the boys needed their White Castle fix.

I did stitch on Day this week and it slowly moves on. Trying to catch up today on laundry.


Nancy M said...

she's probably getting smarter on how to pack and what to pack!!! It never failed that moving day was the hottest day of the summer. Your HEAD looks great.

Debra said...

Day looks wonderful.